Innovators in quantitative modeling for advanced trading solutions.

Leave the quant work for us.


Access the global currency



Looking to hedge inflation?
We got you covered.


Diversify your portfolio
in a lower risk manner,


Want to trade entire markets?
Enter your positions with ease.

Stocks & Options

Trade like institutional
investors on Wall St.


Support for over 200+
of your favorite coins.

Any Market, Anywhere.

Live Trade Tracking

Track progress and results of live trades as defined by the user-backtested strategy.


Quantitative Modeling

Utilizing advanced statistics & machine learning concepts to provide productive models, enabling enhanced trading decisions.

Strategic Trade



User Experience

Adjustable Risk

Dynamic Backtesting

Obtain insightful metrics based on user defined signals taken from our intricate market models.

Built with Performance in Mind.

Our products are all built with performance and ease of use in mind.


Unlock our advanced premium algorithms with our convenient monthly plan.


Market Segment Shifts

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Our founders are on a mission to advance investment knowledge and help others avoid common mistakes when trading. Through the use of proprietary algorithms, StoneKeep aims to help others combat these common mistakes and share in the knowledge.

Ranging from easy to use data-driven analysis to advanced market models, with StoneKeep, traders are enabled to achieve profitable, consistent strategies tailored to their individual investment approach. StoneKeep ensures easy accessibility by being directly integrated with TradingView, a platform with over 30 million users worldwide.

Who are we?

What is StoneKeep Trading Systems?

StoneKeep Trading Systems is an innovator in quantitative modeling for advanced trading solutions.

Can you guarantee profit?

StoneKeep Trading Systems is a collection of tools that can greatly enhance your trading ability, however trading/investing comes with an inherent risk and we can not guarantee anything.

Do you have guides?

Yes! StoneKeep Trading Systens offers a very easy to understand documentation as well as multiple text and video guides to help you get setup!

How can I access my product(s)?

StoneKeep Trading Systems is built on TradingView, make sure to connect your TradingView account to your Whop dashboard to receive full access!

What if I need help?

If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer support team.

What comes with my license?

You will receive full access to StoneKeep Trading Systems. We are constantly working on new features, updates, and products.

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Innovators in quantitative modeling for advanced trading solutions.

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I have been excited to use this product! Everything has been great so far!


I am fairly new to the indicator trading scene. But this one gives good and clear insights!! The support team is amazing. They even have a discord group full of amazing traders. Suggestions are possible to make. The indicator has undergone some awsome improvements. In which the accuracy has improved. Support videos will be provided to help understand the multiple different funtions (to set it up, make use if it, in different markets)! I cant wait to keep making use of it .


StoneKeep Trading Systems has proven to be incredibly helpful in lowering my overall risk and volatility exposure in the markets.


StoneKeep Trading Systems has been instrumental in optimizing my market performance and enhancing my overall portfolio stability.


Great service, outstanding calls. Highly recommend.


Been using this tool for a few weeks now and it's absolutely insane. Discord support is super helpful and they'll help the setup process as well as answer any questions you have. The indicator is very accurate and I'm so glad I have access to it!


StoneKeep Trading Systems has truly transformed my approach to trading, providing invaluable insights and tools that have elevated my performance in the market. Since incorporating this system into my trading strategy, I've experienced a remarkable improvement in my portfolio management and decision-making process.


As an inexperienced trader, I have been looking for a product to assist me in my learning curve. StoneKeep has been incredibly helpful in giving me an insight into the overall markets.

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As a new trader who has little to no experience, StoneKeep Trading Systems has made me feel as if I have 10+ years of experience. Friends of mine who have many years of experience rave about how Stone Keep benefits traders both brand new and highly experienced. Cannot give enough credit for beneficial this was to my first steps into the trading world. Give Stone Keep a try if you haven’t already!!


What sets StoneKeep apart is its user-friendly interface and intuitive design. Whether I'm monitoring market trends, conducting in-depth analysis, or executing trades, StoneKeep provides all the tools I need in one convenient platform.